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Our reputation for alcohol- and drug-related criminal defense issues is recognized locally, regionally and even nationally.

Cannabis & Cars® Lecture
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Driving Under The Influence
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George L. Bianchi is a Bellevue lawyer who travels throughout Washington state to work on DUI and drug-related cases. Many of his cases are referred to him from other attorneys because of his reputation for thoroughness and willingness to handle the tough cases. Continuing to look to the future, his knowledge of the laws surrounding marijuana use and legalization has led him to now also provide invaluable legal guidance on cannabis compliance issues to the marijuana industry here in Washington. The Bianchi Law Firm also offers extensive experience in other criminal defense matters and personal injury.

From the time of arrest until the end of trial, The Bianchi Law Firm puts our extensive legal and investigative experience to work in your defense. We review police reports, investigate the circumstances and scene of arrest, interview witnesses, perform background checks on all parties, and discuss the need for expert witnesses and/or investigators. It is also our job to hold judges accountable for a fair trial, making sure to defend our client’s rights to the fullest extent of the law.

A Long Tradition Of Legal Services

Alfred J. Bianchi, a former Washington state Assistant Attorney General and King County Deputy Prosecutor founded the Bianchi Law Firm in 1960. Following his father’s example, George L. Bianchi joined the firm in 1985, after also having served as a King County Prosecutor. Over the decades, our firm has gained a regional reputation for its innovative defense of DUI, drug-related crimes and criminal defense.

George L. Bianchi continues to lecture nationally in the area of DUI defense, but his popular “Cannabis & Cars®” lecture and DVD have become required study in certain legal circles. In it, he addresses the scientific studies on when, and at what level, marijuana impairs driving capabilities, as well as how marijuana is absorbed.

Seeing The Best In Our Clients

We cannot change the facts of your case, but George L. Bianchi can find and work off of the case’s weaknesses even when it is a third drunk driving charge, a deadly weapons charge or a serious personal injury claim. The Bianchi Law Firm also believes that it is best to present our clients in the best possible light, highlighting their positive aspects as people before and after being charged.

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