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Alfred J. Bianchi, a former Washington state Assistant Attorney General, and King County Deputy Prosecutor founded the Bianchi Law Firm in 1960. Since then we have defended thousands of individuals in criminal defense cases including those involving alcohol and drugs, primarily focused on drivers arrested for DUI. After leaving the King County Prosecutor’s Office in 1985 to join the firm, George L. Bianchi has continued the work started by his father. Other attorneys and judges in Bellevue, as well as around the state and country, recognize George L. Bianchi as an innovative defender in DUI cases.

Some defense lawyers look at courtroom litigation as a series of confrontations, but George L. Bianchi takes a more measured approach where his extensive legal knowledge is complemented by a calm demeanor. He presents his clients in the best possible light while presenting the facts of the case in a clear and logical way.

A DUI Can Have Devastating Effects
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A Keen Analysis of Your Legal Circumstances

The driving under the influence laws in Washington state are complicated with a likelihood of extensive fines, possible jail time as well as a criminal record. Attorney George L. Bianchi defends his clients against DUI charges because he knows this is potentially a life-changing issue. He applies a keen analytical approach to examining the prosecution’s case, finding errors in procedures, as well as lapses in the investigation and presentation. His line of questioning includes such crucial issues as:

  • Did the arresting officer have probable cause for pulling you over?

  • Each field test has its own rules. Were these followed during your test?

  • Equipment that measures blood alcohol level or drugs must be properly maintained and operated. Was this true during your test?

Potential Consequences

Alcohol Level < 0.15:

  • 24 consecutive hours in jail or 15 days electronic monitoring

  • Minimum fine of $350

  • 90 day mandatory license suspension

  • One year of an ignition interlock

Alcohol Level ≥ 0.15:

  • 48 consecutive hours in jail or 30 days electronic monitoring

  • Minimum fine of $500

  • 365 day mandatory license suspension

  • One year of an ignition interlock

A Reputation for Working the Most Challenging Cases

George L. Bianchi’s extensive legal knowledge makes him a resource for other attorneys, both through his popular lectures and because colleagues contact him or refer clients. His word of mouth reputation is as an attorney who works with clients with multiple DUIs and other mitigating circumstances. Difficult or straightforward, George L. Bianchi will explore every legal option to ensure that your rights are properly defended in a court of law.

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