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Guiding The Marijuana Business To A Prosperous Future

The Bianchi Law Firm has been forward thinking since it was first founded in 1960. Early on, we focused on the criminal defense of drug and alcohol-related crimes with a particular emphasis on DUI long before these charges were a common part of the legal landscape. Now with the legalization of marijuana after the passing of the Washington Initiative 502 in 2012, we are here to serve growers, distributors, retailers and ancillary businesses in the marijuana industry as they face quickly changing and newly emerging laws regarding compliance.

The license application to the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board is currently a fairly straightforward process if you are able to get one of the limited number of licenses. However, there is a complicated mix of local, state and even federal laws emerging in the aftermath of the legalization. Even with the best of intentions, it is hard to stay completely compliant with all the rules and regulations without help from a lawyer.

Moving Forward With Legal Guidance

There are a number of cannabis compliance issues where the right attorney can provide knowledgeable guidance that helps make your business a success. These include the following areas:

  • Compliance audit: Businesses are closed if they are not in compliance, and sometimes there can even be criminal prosecution. We can help look at your business model. Under-age sales, advertising, true parites of interest, vertical integration and diversion of products are also concerns with state compliance.
  • Local zoning issues: Even if they are legal, marijuana businesses may still run afoul with local officials. We can help you with the city to keep your business in operation.
  • Disputes with property owners and commercial leases: Businesses will often have disagreements with their landlord.
  • Staying on top of other legal issues: Well-versed legal counsel can keep you compliant and strategically prepared as laws and regulations quickly change.

Your Marijuana Business Resource

The Bianchi Law Firm here in Bellevue is long familiar with defending clients against accusations involving drug possession. We now expand that history of passionate advocacy to include protecting the legal businesses involved in marijuana. Regardless of your needs, be rest assured that we are here to effectively resolve your marijuana compliance issues in a timely fashion.

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